We do not use a formal adoption application. Instead we prefer to hear from you in your own words your comments on the points enumerated below. Or you can call us, being ready to cover this information. 

We do adopt out of state and to Canada. One dog has moved to Canada and another to New York state. Others to Colorado, Arizona, Virginia, New Mexico, and  Vermont. We do not air cargo transport, but have access to ground transport to homes too far away for a dog-to-dog meet-up. In our general area in West Central Texas, you can arrange a visit anytime. We can also arrange to meet you at some mutually agreed upon location if you adopt and want us to meet you half-way within 175 miles of Coleman for a small mileage fee. Otherwise, the adopting family is always responsible for any transport charges and they deal directly with the transport. Some ground transport is free with arrangement for "legs" of the journey being filled by volunteers to get the pet to his/her new home. The same applies to transport by Pilots N Paws. Regardless, the adopting family must always cover transport expenses, if any. 

Items for your input:

  • Do you own your home, country or town?

  • Fencing?

  • Other pets? Altered?

  • Will _____ be an inside dog?

  • Children? Ages?

  • Who is at home most of the time?

  • Will you furnish a vet reference?

  • Will you furnish a home address for Googling? (Pics are appreciated.)

  • Why did this dog attract your attention?

  • Your experience with the breed?

  • Just anything that will give us a feel for a prospective home for our special boy or girl.

Thank you so much for being interested in a rescued dog. We will be glad to share everything we know about the dog and how it came to be in our care.