What do you do when you love dogs and know so many do not have a home and will be euthanized at city shelters across our West Texas area ?  Well, three of us in Coleman, Texas, decided there was something we could do, or at least try to do with the support of fellow pet-lovers. So far, so good. Everything seems to be falling into place. We are now a nonprofit corporation and have  our 501c3, which means your donations are tax deductible. 

It's June 2020 as we open this website, and we're excited about the adventure we've set upon  to make a difference to those dogs hopelessly awaiting death in hot or cold cramped cages. It could be your dog that has strayed away from home and never found. It could be a purebred or a mutt, but all are waiting for an Angel to show up before it is too late. Our namesake Jangles has passed over the rainbow bridge but is carefully watching to see how we do and how many care.


What we need now is your support that you can show us by your tax-deductible donations, your membership, and your willingness, if at all possible, to foster a rescued dog. Please messsage us or call 325-636-3076 if you would like to know more about fostering.